Jeff Stewart Biography

Jeff Stewart left home at seventeen, and lived between the states and cities.  The lack of interest in the status quo or a stuffy corporate career left the road open, not for adventure or self-discovery, but for the motion of it. “I was happy moving and writing, working city to city and staying in a month-to-month rental, in a room that wouldn’t keep me, in a place I didn’t have to commit to.”

Stewart traveled almost two decades working odd jobs, food service, and once on an Alaskan salmon boat; anything to get the rent, to keep moving and writing. By the time he was in his mid-twenties, Stewart had written volumes of short stories, poems and two novels. At 29, He wrote his thinly fictionalized autobiography, March of Time and Skin.

At 30, Stewart was discovered by an international lifestyle magazine, that paid him for his work about life across the States. He traveled and wrote freelance for the magazine between 2001 and 2006. His articles, written in his unique, raw form, changed the face of the industry’s journalism and gained Stewart a readership spanning 27 countries.

In 2008, Stewart was highly established in the world of American Literature with the release of March of Time and Skin, a brutal and beautiful breathtaking beat of truthful humor and the war-like victories of a life in constant motion.

Stewart’s Dead Birds Hot is a dystopian vortex of short stories with titles like “January” –a mirrored collage of an oppressed bartender as his dramatic girlfriend and job break down the remaining echoes of a future, “Glory” – a look at a young deviant’s sex addiction through the eyes of San Francisco’s Chinatown, “Wreckedge” – a story about a writer on the Philadelphia leg of his book tour who encounters an impaired reader with a bizarre obsession, “Retribution” –a sideways stroll through Manhattan with Sonny, a man at war with illusions he didn’t create and cannot escape, and, “Dead Birds Hot” –the story of a man who meets a hot and hard summer involving chain-gang labor, highways, dirt, sweat, and broken teeth in what is quickly being acclaimed as one of the best works of short fiction in contemporary literature today.

Currently living in California, Stewart has  finished the novel Bad Jacket, about a writer falsely accused, incarcerated, and facing life in prison due to a psychotic reader. Also completed is Lolly, a much-awaited novel featuring the life and rise of a fashion company told from the eyes of a writer’s dissent into a world of business and the shine of a small company’s struggle and unheard of success.  Stewart also recently completed Flotsam for Jetsam, about a man who delivers food for the Irish mafia, gets married then escapes massacre only to fall into a life of fame and strangeness. Stewart’s next release is Gutted Rose & Other Stories, being released early next year.

Contact Jeff Stewart: stewartlives@gmail.com

4 Responses to About

  1. David Burdett says:

    Keep ’em coming Stewart. You’re one of maybe three writers whose work I actually get excited over reading.

  2. jaime rae says:

    I just get so excited about you.

  3. Tina Furtney says:

    I love what you’ve put up for us to read, they all sound very exciting and I cannot wait to buy your books to continue reading them. 🙂

  4. A.M. Pietroschek says:

    Nice to read that it runs decently well for you. On a first glance ‘retribution’ reminded me of my own time with the urban homeless as one of them. Or about the peculiar bleakness & predictability which mainstream personality needs to remain functional yet boring…

    I wish you good luck for your own way through life, and all the success you deserve for your books!

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