Breath Upon A Burn

In Breath Upon A Burn, the prelude to his debut classic road novel, March of Time and Skin, Jeff Stewart uproots the origin of the miles ahead. Picking up with the destruction that manifested an unforeseen forked road, the novella Breath Upon A Burn reveals what was once in shroud. Brutal and rich with the grace and vigor in which his former body of work resides, Stewart continues here with his look back into the dark past of his beloved hero’s perception. Piping through from the body— fracturing our subconscious in a myriad of truths only Stewart portrays in this generation. Bursting with neurosis, Breath Upon A Burn exposes its ghost by fleshing out demons in order to bring us closer to our own axis of understanding.

Stewart delivers in this generation-long await for the voice of his hero to reappear, and it happens with the same raw nerve, pulled into the reasons why, the matter that keeps us awake and out of place. A strong voice to come through from an echo, Breath Upon A Burn calls forth to the road never traveled, and one sorely missed.

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