Alright.  Just after 11 in the morning.  Coffee, post-punk 80s then a shift to Neurosis, Enemy Of The Sun.  Up until 2 in the morning, getting the covers and PDFs lined up for The Book Patch.  As far as luck goes, I am probably one of the luckiest independent authors when it comes to great visual artists lending their skills to my work.  Chris Noble conceived, designed and executed Dead Birds Hot front to spine to back with a layout that I can only describe as perfect for the content.  I strongly encourage anyone in search of a graphic designer to get a hold of him before going anywhere else.  When it came to the cover of Hit Break Bleed, and the author photo for the back of it, I was fortunate enough to get the help of Doug Winter, who happens to be not only a pioneer in photography, but also a sharp eye when it came to the conception of the front image for the cover.  He worked his style into an impact of sky and road, then worked the back cover in tribute to Chris Noble’s design on Dead Birds Hot.  Now they are available in print at The Book Patch.  Below are the full covers.  Click on them to get them in print.  They are also available on Kindle and Nook.

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