To Catch A Predator, Street Art, and Coffee.

Sunday.  Hot as Hell in middle America.  Up this morning going over some pages I am working on, and waiting on a mechanic to look at my engine that started talking back last week.  I killed time and waited, browsing YouTube, where I usually get sucked into shit like To Catch A Predator.  There is no amount of it that I won’t watch.  I don’t know why.  I think it has something to do with the nasal drawl and presence of Chris Hansen, but also the fascination it presents, and the bloodlust, let’s face it.  Then I switch to serial killer documentaries.  Recently I watched a chain of videos on Kuklinski, the mafia hit man who lasted decades on the job before being caught.  I have to be lenient on myself for being behind the computer and not writing.  I am still blown away by laptops, iPhones, the Internet, all of it.  Needless to say it presents problems, but I am going to skate past that for now. 

What really gets me going is when I see a great artist these days, in the midst of all the millions of fast food “artist” success stories.  I would say that 80 percent of all the “music” stars and television shows, young writers of books, actors, directors, all of it, would absolutely not have gotten anywhere 20 years ago.  Not because they didn’t have the resources they have now, but because they are just that fucking awful.  

Today I was lucky enough to run across this artist called Blu.  I am sure millions already know of his work, but I sat here almost unblinking watching his street art literally come alive.  The vision, time, process, and overall magic of this talent is inspiring to say the least.  The very least.  I thought I’d share it here.  Click the link below.

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