Leave You Ripped And Torn.

Few things in the morning get me in a better mood than solitude, coffee and Slayer.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be staying with my buddy and his girl in southern California while I wrap up a few journalism gigs and other things, but this morning is particularly fine. Huge, empty house, just enough hot coffee left for 2 cups, the sunlight igniting the keyboard and the sounds of double base and fast scales spiking the counter top and bright yellow fur of my dog.  Not a big deal for me when I’m home, all the morning elements come easy, but when they’re there while you’re on the road in a different city, there’s something more vivid about it, something kind of holy, maybe, when your most sacred proclivities transcend travel and space.

Been working a lot with the article format lately, the build-up to interview  to conclusion. It’s good to stretch your boundaries with your work.  But nothing takes me to the core as fast as Reign In Blood and coffee.  It’s a warp into a world.  I would say that I have a Slayer morning once every couple of weeks.  Usually it’s something mellow, Jeff Buckley or Mahler or Merle Haggard in the morning.  Yesterday it was long blocks of The Damned…

Music has always gone hand in hand with my writing.  I have gone long stretches without it, but after a while it starts to feel cold in the room minus the themes playing.  Here’s what I am listening to right now, as the music shuffled.

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  1. Tim Jordan says:

    Never heard of them…I like

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