Sex in a van.


We finished the joint and a bottle of red and went back inside.  Alexandra was near me at all times, and when she got too close her mother would shake a finger at her.  I didn’t know how the Greek culture worked with sex.  I didn’t want to cross any lines.   There were heavy and drunk Greek women in the room.  Everything that was said in the room was translated to her by her mother.


We sat in there and I listened to them talk.  The language was a different color, guttural.  Each word was spoken with force.  It was intense for the stoned Americans.  Marty finally told me I should stay over since I was drunk.  He said I could sleep on the floor of their bedroom since the three sisters had the extra beds and Alexandra had the couch.  I told him I had a bed in my van.  I hoped it made it in translation.  I asked to use the phone.  Marty nodded to the kitchen.


On the machine I told my brother I would not be in tonight, that I was too wasted to drive.  I hung up.  There she was, backing me up against the counter.  She grabbed my shoulders.  I started to say something about everybody being so close to the kitchen.  She stopped me with broken and uncertain English,

“No time.”

She pushed me down there.  I pulled up the front of her skirt, and set it in her fingers.  White laced over that dark hair and dark skin, a dark and soft and manicured tuft of hair that lifted the front of her panties barely away from her sex.  I pulled the cotton aside and started kissing it.  She moaned quietly.  I started with my tongue, and brown hips moved into my mouth and my brain spun there, drunken and shocked.  The taste was actually sweet, the wet of her fragranced with her smell.  She pulled me up and we kissed.  Never in my life had I ever…

Marty cleared his throat from behind us.  When we turned around he was shaking his finger at her, mocking her mother.  She stuck her tongue out at him and walked out.  He watched her ass go.  He opened the fridge and pulled out a beer.  I stood there looking at the ceiling, my arms akimbo.  He shook his head,

“Fucking bastard.”

Then he was gone.  Back in the living room they were watching a movie.  Alexandra sat close to her mother now, only glancing at me every so often, playing with my head.  I thought, you nasty little fucking Greek goddess.  I watched it with them.  I saw Greek porn.  After awhile everyone filed off to bed.  Marty asked me if I was sure I didn’t want the floor.  They said we would have breakfast together in the morning.  Alexandra shot me a look from her bed on the couch.  A look that made my skin jump up from my bones.


I laid in the back of the van and got her out of my mind as quickly as possible.  It didn’t take long.  I wiped off and stared at the moon from the back window.  It was high and white, white lace against a dark, exotic sky.  At once I hated Alexandra’s mother and wished she would die, if just for an hour.


The happy Greek must have died soon.  The tapping of her fingernails sobered me.  I opened the side door.  She was barefoot, clutching a candle.  She ducked in.  I closed the curtains.  Then we heard a quiet but steady knock on the side door.  Alexandra put a finger to her lips.  Each handle was then tried casually.  She undressed through the knocking.  I kept bouncing from the knocking to her breasts and stomach.  It was torture.  Then the knocking went on forever and ceased.  Alexandra motioned to me like she was writing a note then she walked her fingers in the air.  She had written her mother a note saying she took a walk.  I hoped for both of us that the note would hold up.  We heard the front door close quietly.  She lit the candle.


She laid under me and I kissed her everywhere I could.  Her body was flawless and smooth and sculpted, her breasts perfect, her ass going beyond anything I had ever seen.  That long dark hair all around her.  After I could take no more I put it in.  The tightest grip any man could ask for.  If I hadn’t already shot just minutes before she showed up, it would have been over long before I’d even worked her panties off.  Her body in that light…

I was fucking a Greek myth, a constellation.  She turned me over and put me in her mouth.  There was nothing she couldn’t do.  The only thing she didn’t like was my finger up her ass.  She would stop me by biting my lip and shaking her head.  I turned her over on her stomach and moved with various speeds, massaging her clit with my finger.  She bucked and came a few times then I really let her have it.  I held off for a long time, maybe an hour or more.  She began to run dry so I went as fast as I could and shot the streams across her back.  A lot came out, more than ever.

Then something happened.  I looked down at her body and got rock hard instantly, put it back in, went for five or six hard strokes, gripping her hips so tight that she gasped in pain, gave her one more hard one then pulled out and shot all over her again.

I fell back on the bed.  She moved her hair from her face and laid on top of me.  I would grow hard, she would put me in and we would fuck until I was ready, when she would slide off and ejaculate me.  We would kiss until I was hard again then repeat it.  It happened all through the night and we fell asleep like that.


The Sun was out and she was still on top of me.  We awoke and did it again.  Then again.  I was hung over and I couldn’t take it anymore.  I crawled to the driver’s side and got out, looked around and began pissing by the rear wheel.  My shoulders shook gratefully.  The Sun was high and painful and I couldn’t face it.  Halfway through she was behind me, and she kissed my neck, my ears.  She held it while I pissed and she kissed me.  Another first.

She was shaking me off.  I opened my eyes and glanced over my shoulder to see big mother sitting on the front steps watching the whole thing.  She had been awake all night, and she looked rough.  Alexandra knew what fuck meant because she sighed before she said it and she kissed me on the ear once more and said goodbye, then walked toward the steps of the house, and she walked it grimly.  Her mother stood and they yelled back and forth in Greek.  The neighbors awoke and walked out.  Her mom kept trying to run at me, but Alexandra was stopping her.  Next I saw Marty out front in his underwear. And her mother would break loose for a second and get closer to me, and Alexandra would stop her with all the strength in her body.  She turned her head to me from the struggle and yelled,

“GO! GO! GO!”

Marty kept waving me off.  The other sisters came bumbling out of the house.  I decided it was time to leave.


Back at the house my brother was watching a rodeo on the tube.  Jenny and Layla must have been on the east side seeing her mother.  My brother asked me where I had been all night.


He asked me where the hell grease was.  I curled up on the rest of the couch and passed out.


I wasn’t sure if I still had a job on Monday.  At the site Marty was drinking coffee on the tailgate of his work truck.  He nodded and poured me a cup.  I had a seat, and we watched the workers drive in with the sunrise.

“I guess I’m not welcome at your house anymore.”

He grinned into his cup,

“You got that right.”

“I’m sorry.”

He shook his head,

“Fuck man, not your fault.  I tried to explain to Big Foot that she had no right to come after you like that.  I mean here’s her daughter, all over you all night, she corners you in the kitchen and lets you eat her little pussy, -yeah, yeah, yeah, I was watching you fuckers.  So what?  – Anyway, she sneaks out and jumps in your van with you.  I mean, I tried to tell her, which kid in his right mind would walk away from that?  And on top of it all you were both drunk.  But she wasn’t having it, she wouldn’t listen.  Made for a real fucked up weekend at my place.  Just glad they’re gone.”

“I’ll bet.  Thanks for defending me.”

Though his wife was two towns away he whispered,

“So, how was she?”

I shook my head at the dirt,

“You wouldn’t believe it, man.  It was stellar.”

“I figured as much.  Goddamn it.”


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  1. I don’t understand why more people are not aware of this guy’s work. Stewart’s body of work has impressed me since read one. This is good work that deserves readership and recognition.

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