Faith, sex, vomit, ferret.



I was loud and she was

naked across the bed

and I looked down at

her pussy

and there was nothing else

and she pulled me up to her

face and smiled

and it was the most

incredible smile

I had ever seen and

for that moment in time

I was in love with her

and her hair was dark blonde

dirt and it

was long

and stretched behind and

above her brow

and I jumped on

while her mother slept in the next room

with her boyfriend

we hated each other

the mother hated me

the boyfriend hated me

and I hated them

but we had always

been civil to each other

but there was never a mistake

in the air around us

there was no respect



because her mother was a Christian

who had a pet ferret and

who prayed along with

religious programs on television

and her boyfriend was wrapped around

her insipid and

blind finger

and I was 31 years old with no


and no ambition and no beliefs

but I was

having my girl

in and out, gripping

those strong and beautiful

white legs

and thighs

and firm young

ass cheeks

her big perfect


and those


all of it came together

and I kept placing her

little beagle off the bed and it would

jump back up

and my dog would growl at her dog

and I would set the pup

back on the floor

but I wasn’t distracted

or irritated by it

the night was

rolling out and

she was under me

and I was inside of her

and her hair was

beginning to flail

and I watched

her eyebrows fill

with sweat and her forehead

was water and

and she moved and


and I held back

from shooting into

her or onto her

because I wanted the

night to be



out of nowhere

she bucked me off

and shot out the door

where she stopped on all fours

in the hallway and her pussy was

slightly opened

and she gripped the ferret cage and


down on the ferret

and the little fucker

was darting back and forth

into the walls of the

cage trying

to avoid the puke

but she covered him

with it

and I heard her mother’s

door open

so I reached in

the room and

grabbed the blanket

and threw it across

her back

and when she saw her mother

she made this lunge on

from all fours

into her room

and I closed the door

and she was on her


and I tried to

put it back in


her mother

started knocking:




and I thought, oh Jesus, please take that woman out of this house

so I can nurture her daughter

back to fuckable health

but she kept knocking and

trying the knob and

her boyfriend woke up

and they kicked me out

and I drove home so drunk

that the street signs

and stoplights


walkers and drivers and cops

were one sickening liquid pulse

all around me

and I made it home

and got myself off

and spun to sleep

where I was swimming

the blue waters

off the coast of Spain,

the Tarragona night so bright

it was like dark noon

and I was nude and my girlfriend

wasn’t but I somehow fucked her


and she breathed in a whirlpool

and it went into her throat

and swirling around the


were miniature crosses

and dragons and pink and

orange and chartreuse

sea horses and

small hands of time


-Excerpt from Dead Birds Hot, available in paperback or on Kindle.

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